The VIVE director Edith Gabrielli in the documentary "The Art of War"

It will air on February 24 on Rai 3 in prime time

The VIVE director Edith Gabrielli participated in the documentary "The Art of War" by Marco Spagnoli and Tiziana Lupi, produced by Art Film Kairos in collaboration with Rai Documentari. 

The short film will be broadcast on Rai 3, in prime time, on Friday, February 24 at 9:25 p.m.

Filmed between Ukraine and Italy (Palazzo Venezia and Vittoriano, Montecassino Abbey, Egyptian Museum in Turin), the documentary followed the work of those who, in the aftermath of the outbreak of war, immediately worked to secure the works of art.

“Artistic heritage can’t simply be resolved into a series of objects; it is the tangible, and perhaps highest, testimony to the culture of a people. Because to take possession of the enemy's works of art is to take possession of the soul of that people. If we consider this, we realize that it is not enough to preserve it materially and then shelter it in a deposit, but we have to make it talk, and the only way to make it talk is to make it enjoy”, stated the VIVE director, Edith Gabrielli. “Understanding what art and culture really means is a much stronger antidote for wars than anything else. My hope is that art no longer needs to be saved, but that art will save us”.

Along with Edith Gabrielli, for "The Art of War" were involved Christian Greco, director of the Egyptian Museum in Turin, Paolo Coen, professor of History of Art Criticism at the University of Teramo, Teresa Calvano, art historian, Micol Forti director of the Vatican Museums Contemporary Art Collection, Nadiya Biriyk, director of the Ivankiv Museum, Igor Poshyvailo director of the Maidan Museum, Volodymyr Sheiko, Director General of the Ukrainian Institute