Panoramic Terrace

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A unique, unmissable view of the capital of Italy is waiting to greet visitors at the top of the monument. Take a look around: everything seems close enough to touch

Panoramic Terrace
Panoramic Terrace

The panoramic terrace is located on top of the monument to Victor Emmanuel II It all starts with a spectacular ascent in the lift. It takes just one minute for the lift, which almost seems to be suspended in mid-air, to soar past the silhouette of the Basilica of Santa Maria in Aracoeli, providing visitors with their first glance of the view towards the Colosseum and the Imperial Forum. Once at their destination, at a height of seventy metres, visitors can enjoy a breath-taking 360° view over the entire city of Rome.

Giuseppe Sacconi, the architect of the Vittoriano, wanted to create a one-of-a-kind space here, which could not be found anywhere else on Earth. Upon exiting the lifts, visitors are greeted by the two imposing bronze chariots. Visible from every part of the city, from this rooftop vantage point, these famous quadrigae can finally be appreciated in detail: they commemorate the Unity and Freedom of Italy, the two founding values of the monument.

But without doubt, it is the view up here that leaves you speechless - it really takes your breath away. No other place in Rome is more central, elevated or spectacular. At the top of the Vittoriano, we really are reminded of the ancient words of the German poet, Johann Wolfgang Goethe, so let’s exclaim them with him: “I have finally arrived to this Capital of the World!”.

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