The Scientific Committee

Giusi Alessio

Giusi Alessio is the contact person for culture in the Cabinet Office of the Lazio Region. 
A graduate in Communication Sciences, from 2005 to 2018 she was head of the Press Office of Zètema, the asset management company for the City of Rome which deals with the enhancement of cultural heritage: in this capacity she followed, among other things, the activities of the Civic Museums System of Rome, the Casa del Cinema, complex events such as the Roman Summer and the Journey into the Forums by Piero Angela and Paco Lanciano and a wide range of exhibitions. 

Silvia Ginzburg

Silvia Ginzburg is full professor of History of Modern Art at the University of Roma Tre.
Her study interests focus mainly on the relationship between written sources and figurative documents; on the stylistic developments in sixteenth and seventeenth century paintings; on the seventeenth century origins of the Scuola Romana movement.
She is the author of fundamental contributions on the figure of Giovan Battista Agucchi; on the Roman activity of Annibale Carracci, in particular on the Camerino and the Farnese Gallery; on landscape painting in the Italian seventeenth century, with a special focus on Poussin and his relationship with the French perspective culture; on the genesis of the first edition of Vasari's Lives; on the school of Raphael (Perino, Polidoro); on the position of Pietro Bembo in the history of the figurative culture of the sixteenth century. 

Carmine Pinto

Carmine Pinto is full professor of Contemporary History at the University of Salerno and director of the Institute for the History of the Italian Risorgimento. 
He has worked on the political systems of the twentieth century, publishing some volumes on the crisis of the parties during the history of the Italian republic, on the political practices and institutional logic of large mass-membership parties, on the construction of territorial ruling groups.
He currently deals with civil wars and national movements in the 19th century. The most recent lines of research focus on the forms of political mobilisation and violence in the ancient monarchies of the Mediterranean and in the Atlantic area. He studies the crisis of the Bourbon area, the development of state projects, the creation of political communities and the consequent civil wars within a comparative perspective of nineteenth-century nationalism.