Info and timetables

Opening hours

Headquarters at Palazzo Venezia
From Monday to Friday, 8.30 a.m. - 6.30 p.m.

Kindly be informed that the volumes in the Sala Barbo will be available for consultation in the reading rooms located on the first floor.

Branch office in the Sala della Crociera at the Palazzo del Collegio Romano
From Monday to Friday, from 9.00 a.m. to 2.30 p.m.

Mode of entry

You can come to study here if you are 19 years of age or if you are 18 and attend university.


Use the lockers provided, taking care to keep the keys with you for entire duration of your time in the library, and leave them in the lock when you leave.

Help for bibliographic research

If you need help for bibliographic research or to ask for a photographic reproduction please contact the Biblioteca di Archeologia e Storia dell’Arte (Library of Archaeology and History of Art) by sending an email to:

For more informations please visit our FAQ.