I Don’t Know

SERIES: Architecture in drawings that visualise and construct the habitus residing in the architect’s mind - Under the aegis of Orazio Carpenzano, Head of the Faculty of Architecture, Università La Sapienza in Rome
SPEAKER: Stefano Pujatti
DATE: Thursday 8 June, 6 pm 
PLACE: Palazzo Venezia, Sala del Refettorio

I will speak about the work of ELASTICOFarm and how the physical and cultural environment we live and work in impacts the way we feel and therefore the way we draw, our projects and our progress. Drawing here is in the sense of translating dreams into signs and the project as an act of pushing the essence defined by the drawing forward, past obstacles. A design is an optimistic vision of the future in which what we imagine via strategy and technique can alter the reality, making it more like the world we aspire to. Lastly, I will speak of progress, of moving forwards and backwards, of erring and changing direction, maintaining the north star as a reference and without being overly distracted by comets. 


Stefano Pujatti graduated in architecture from IUAV in 1992 and with a Master from Sci-Arc in 1994.
He worked in Los Angeles for Coop Himmelb(l)au and then in Paris for Prof. Gino Valle. In 1996 he was a cofounder of Studio ELASTICO and in 2005 created what is now ELASTICOFarm, a practice and place of cultural exchange that seeks to draw and integrate art, design and science into architectural design.