Heretical Genealogy

SERIES: Architecture in drawings that visualise and construct the habitus residing in the architect’s mind - Under the aegis of Orazio Carpenzano, Head of the Faculty of Architecture, Università La Sapienza in Rome
SPEAKER: Gianluca Peluffo
DATE: Thursday 14 September, 6pm
PLACE: Palazzo Venezia, Sala del Refettorio

Incipit St. Peter heals the sick with his own shadow
We belong.
We belong to a genealogy.
This genealogy is made up of faces and landscapes.
This genealogy is a burden, which is the weight of History and Beauty.
Our task, deeply ethical, is to bring personal feeling into contact with collective feeling, with the feeling of a community, a people, a city, a landscape, a history.
This happens through Architecture that is a physical Body, a bearer of encounter, dialogue, contact. This physical contact is embodied in matter.
Architecture is a sexed and dialoguing body. The Body and its physical and spiritual matter, visible and invisible, are our Right and Duty to Contemporaneity and the dialogue with our Genealogy. Architecture belongs to this destiny: Public Architecture (because all architecture is public, in all its forms), is the perceptual body capable of triggering the ‘chiasm’ between the individual and the collective soul. This is why making Architecture is a political act.
This is why the search for beauty, understood as a form of dialogue between the soul, the spirit of places, time, the community and individuals, is a revolutionary act.
Revolutionary as an act of knowledge and sharing.


Architect and PhD in architectural design, since 2021 he has been Associate Professor in the Faculty of Architecture of Kore, Enna. Since 2018 he has been an Academician of the Scuola delle Belle Arti of Perugia and Visiting Professor of Architecture at ENAM, Ecole National d’Architecture de Marrakech. For his cultural achievements, in 2003 he was awarded the title of Benemerito della Scuola e della Cultura by the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities. In June 2017 he founded Peluffo&Partners. Its main place of work and cultural reception, the historic Studio of Lucio Fontana in Pozzo Garitta in Albissola, represents the choice of genealogical continuity in the Contemporary, through the practice and promotion of dialogue between the Arts, Architecture and thought.

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Heretical Genealogy
Heretical Genealogy
Heretical Genealogy
Heretical Genealogy
Heretical Genealogy