On 7 August free admission and free guided tours of the Vittoriano and Palazzo Venezia

For the first free Sunday of the month, a special program of activities for adults and children


August 7, back to the first free Sunday at the museum of the month conceived by the Ministry of Culture. All visitors will have a further opportunity to explore the spaces of the VIVE Institute: from the Vittoriano to the Panoramic Terrace, from the Central Museum of the Risorgimento to the National Museum of Palazzo Venezia and the Great Garden of Palazzo Venezia, one of Italy's most representative museum heritage sites.

Free admission to individual monuments, without booking.

The VIVE Institute is offering on the first free Sundays a cycle of visits, different each month, to allow visitors to always admire various works and aspects of the museum's various collections. Every cycle includes four different tours of half an hour each and focuses on three works chosen as particularly illustrative. An invitation to come back every month to discover more treasures and explore new themes each time.

On August 7 it is the turn of the 3/30. Three works in 30 minutes. The museum tells us tour, which will dedicate space to the many stories told in the works of the Museum of Palazzo Venezia. Paintings, ceramics, sculptures, porcelain and tapestries will become pages of a book where we will find, narrated with different styles and languages, the Greek myths, the biblical stories, the fairytale legends of saints, as well as the adventurous stories of the heroes of ancient Rome.

In addition to this activity, there is the VIVE family tour: an animated visit through the history and art of the Vittoriano and Palazzo Venezia for the families of tourists and localswho wish to practise their English. A tour that will lead young and old visitors through more than 500 years of history, allowing them to get to know the VIVE in an active and participatory manner and to create new connections between art, architecture, and cinema. The visit, which includes short activities along the way, ends on the spectacular panoramic terraces of the Vittoriano.

Reservations are recommended for guided tours and educational activities.

All details on the individual appointments can be found on the “Exhibitions and Events” page.