On 2nd October free admission and free guided tours of the Vittoriano and Palazzo Venezia

For the first free Sunday of the month, a special program of activities for adults and children

On 2nd October, the Ministry of Culture's first Sunday of the month with free admission is back. All visitors will have a further opportunity to explore the spaces of the VIVE Institute: from the Vittoriano to the Panoramic Terrace, from the Central Museum of the Risorgimento to the National Museum of Palazzo Venezia and the Great Garden of Palazzo Venezia, one of Italy's most representative museum heritage sites.

Free admission to individual monuments, without booking.

The VIVE Institute is offering on the first free Sundays a cycle of visits, different each month, to allow visitors to always admire various works and aspects of the museum's various collections. Every cycle includes four different tours of half an hour each and focuses on three works chosen as particularly illustrative. An invitation to come back every month to discover more treasures and explore new themes each time.

On October 2 it’s the turn of the 3/30. Three works in 30 minutes. Objects with a soul: collectors and collections. Part 1, a short cycle (which will continue also in November) dedicated to the individual sections of the museum, narrated as always by choosing a total of twelve masterpieces (including works of art by Giorgione, Bernini, Algardi and Guercino), without forgetting the stories of those who owned them, handing them down to us today.

English-language tours Palazzo Venezia: art and history and Palazzo Venezia: the collections will also be available for all visitors.

For families and kids aged 5 to 12, the VIVE on a map itinerary returns: a journey through the Renaissance architecture of Palazzo Venezia and the modernity of the Vittoriano that will let you discover the historical and artistic events that have made these places iconic. In addition to this activity, there will be the special tour Eight wonders at Palazzo Venezia, exploring the museum's treasures, which, like “chambers of wonders”, contain objects of the applied arts from all over the world.

Reservations are recommended for guided tours and educational activities.

All details on the individual appointments can be found on the “Exhibitions and Events” page.