From the Silk Road to Venice

VIVE hosts the goldsmith Boschi Rome Jewelry Week 2023

On Saturday, October 7, at 6 p.m., on the occasion of the third edition of Rome Jewelry Week, the VIVE - Vittoriano and Palazzo Venezia will host, in the Sala del Refettorio of Palazzo Venezia, the lecture "From the Silk Road to Venice," given by the roman goldsmith Alessio Boschi. 

During the meeting, Alessio Boschi, a high jewelry designer who has been working for years to bring Italian creativity and research know-how to the world, will tell us about a precious journey from the Silk Road to Venice by analyzing the inspirations and contents behind two jewelry masterpieces: The Harem Garden and The Doge's Palace in Venice.These two necklaces, extraordinary in their workmanship and preciousness, were made by more than forty-five artists, including Armenian, Thai, and Italian goldsmiths in an extensive project conceived by Master Boschi.

«The VIVE - Vittoriano and Palazzo Venezia holds one of the most remarkable collections of applied art in Italy. The collection, which starts from the Middle Ages and reaches up to the 20th century, includes numerous and sometimes extraordinary objects of goldsmith's art. Leveraging history, I am therefore delighted to collaborate with Rome Jewelry Week 2023 organized by the I Municipio di Roma Capitale and the Incinque Open Art Monti Association: the event allows the public to establish an ideal bridge between the heritage of VIVE and contemporary jewelry culture.»  These are the words of Edith Gabrielli, director of VIVE- Vittoriano and Palazzo Venezia, who will introduce the event.

Speakers include Giulia Silvia Ghia, Councillor for Culture of Municipio I - Roma Centro and Barbara Brocchi, Creative Manager and coordinator of the Department of Jewelry Design - IED Rome.

Admission is free and reservations are recommended on Eventbrite at the link: