The Ministry of Culture: 14 million euros for the Vittoriano in Rome

A significant intervention for safety, fire prevention and energy efficiency

Rome, 09/02/2022

The Ministry of Culture has allocated €14,000,000 for the Vittoriano, the most important monument to the Italian Risorgimento in Rome, inaugurated in 1911 and conceived in January 1878, after the death of the first king of Italy, Vittorio Emanuele II. The funds will be used to obtain a single Fire Prevention Certificate for the entire building, based on an organic approach to the monument and on a unitary management of fire prevention, as well as safeguarding the integrity of the monument, according to the recent legislation.

The monument will be equipped with a safety management system coordinated between the three institutional subjects and managed by an internal team of qualified specialists. A dedicated, secure and emergency management center will be created with direct access from the outside to coordinate the rescue and fire control operations.

A necessary condition for obtaining the Certificate is the systems being compliant to the legislation and properly certified. It is therefore expected that the systems will be brought up to standard, the compartments will be restored, the fire protection systems will be installed, and the energy resources will be made more efficient. Also, for this intervention a co-financing of about € 4,000,000 will be provided by the Ministry of Defense.

The recovery and enhancement of cultural heritage is one of the fundamental axes on which the economic and social growth of the country is based. This intervention is one of the 38 strategic projects that the Ministry brought to the State-Regions Conference, confirming the centrality of culture in the government's economic policy "- said the Minister of Culture, Dario Franceschini.