Free guided tours for women on the occasion of March 8th

Special initiatives on Women's day at Palazzo Venezia

Rome, 8/03/2022


On the occasion of International Women's Day, the VIVE Institute, according to the guiding line of the General Management of Museums, celebrates the female figure by offering all women free entrance and free guided tours to the architectural, historical and artistic heritage of the Vittoriano and Palazzo Venezia.


The tour named “The woman in art at Palazzo Venezia” places at the center of the attention the female world, studying it through the rich collections of Palazzo Venezia.  The tour studies the evolvement of the matrimonial sphere, the change of the female image in art   - from the slim figures of Pisanello to the seductive female forms of Maratta, the change of fashion over the centuries - from wooden sculptures to the eighteenth-century pastels.


Furthermore, women with kids will have the opportunity to access a special animated tour to discover the treasures enclosed in the rooms of Palazzo Venezia: female paintings and female stone sculptures. The tour will end on the spectacular panoramic terraces of the Vittoriano, from which to admire Rome.


More information is available on the “Exhibitions and events” page.