VIVE in the splendor of the evening lighting

Extraordinary openings and four different guided tours

From 26 to 30 December 2021, coinciding with the special evening opening hours (until 10:30 pm), visitors with an admission ticket to VIVE can also join four different guided tours in Italian and English to discover famous and less famous aspects of the Vittoriano and Palazzo Venezia, in the splendour of their night-time illumination (subject to availability).

One palace, one hundred stories. Fascinating facts about Palazzo Venezia

Behind the building’s austere façade is a fascinating past that never ceases to amaze guests and visitors. From papal residence to embassy of the Serenissima, from concert venue for Mozart to a museum, the palace rooms hide countless stories and characters that our visit will try to retrace.

Palazzo Venezia: art and architecture from the 15th to the 20th century

Among the dazzle of the large chandeliers, we will enter the halls and rooms of the apartments to discover the frescoes, floors and marble decorations created for the papal residence, without neglecting the twentieth-century restorations that gave the building its current look.

The Vittoriano: symbolism and meaning in the Italian national monument

The imagery of the Altar of the Fatherland is rich with complex symbols and meaning. This tour will explain their hidden messages and elaborate iconography, but most importantly it will take a look at the elements and symbols that form the basis of Italian national identity.

Sculptors and sculpture of the Vittoriano. From Classicism to Art Nouveau, art and propaganda in Italy’s capital city

The sculptures of the Vittoriano extend outward from the massive bulk of the monument to reach for the sky: each figure, seen from close up, reveals the delicacy of Italian Art Nouveau, in perfect harmony with constant references to Classicism. On this evening visit, guests will admire these works of art in a different light and learn more about the artists who created them.