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Animated visits to the Vittoriano and Palazzo Venezia on weekends for families and kids aged 5 to 12 

Between the Fori Imperiali and the Tridente, on the Campidoglio slopes, there is a square filled with tourists and locals traveling on wheels and in motorized vehicles that is always being photographed and videotaped by cameras and camcorders. From a classical insula to Palazzo Venezia, which transports us to the Renaissance and the Rome of the popes, to the white mass of the Vittoriano, an opening to urban and architectural modernity, kicking off the history of the new capital of united Italy, Piazza Venezia contains the layered and fascinating history of the city of Rome. From the imposing halls of Palazzo Venezia to the expansive terraces of the Vittoriano, the journey enables guests to learn about the various intersections between these two illustrious locations and the urban fabric that is constantly changing.

WHEN: 8 December; 28 January
TIME: 4 pm

WHERE: the Vittoriano and Palazzo Venezia
MEETING POINT: via del Plebiscito, n. 118