The Vittoriano in time between art and architecture

Animated weekend visit for families with kids aged 5 to 12

A symbol of united Italy and then, of the Italian Republic, the Vittoriano is a place of the collective imaginary. Born as an avant-garde artistic project, a new modern forum, it later became the scenography for countless films and TV programs.
An integral part of the educational proposal created especially for families and kids, this suggestive tour will allow young and adults to explore the great spaces of the Vittoriano together, retrace its history and discover similarities and differences with the art and architecture of the past. As in a puzzle, participants will be able to graphically rework the iconic image of the Vittoriano, inspired by the vision of artists and architects.

WHEN: 19 November 
TIME: 3.00 pm.

WHERE: The Vittoriano and the Panoramic Terrace. The meeting point for the visit is in via del Plebiscito, n. 118.