Palazzo Venezia through the senses

Art and History at the service of all
- Sensory visit for families
- Saturday 19 August, 10.30 a.m.


How do you explore a museum through the senses? What aromas and scents come from the gardens of the past?  Walking through the majestic halls of Palazzo Venezia, the tour leads us to discover its history through a novel sensory journey, involving the body, movement and imagination of the participants. The path winds its way through the halls of the museum, in constant interaction with the works of art and materials in the collection: marble masterpieces are revealed through touch, ceramics from an ancient apothecary's shop are told through the smells of the mixtures they have contained over the centuries. A synaesthetic experience, which includes several activities to be carried out during the visit, is offered as an inclusive journey for all participants.

WHEN: Saturday August 19
TIME: 10.30 am
WHERE: Palazzo Venezia
MEETING POINT: the entrance to Palazzo Venezia, Via del Plebiscito 118

Information and reservations

This tour is included in the admission charge to VIVE.

To take part in the tour, book and buy your ticket at least 2 days in advance by clicking here.

Please arrive 15 minutes before the start of your visit at the meeting point. 

For information contact the education team by sending an email to:

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