Brave women: stories of great Italians

The Thousand Stories of VIVE
- Sunday 26 November, 11 a.m.

This visit tells the story of some courageous Italian women from the 19th century, who rebelled against the conventions of the time and fought to fulfil the ideals they believed in. This fascinating account brings to life the patriots who contributed to the unity and independence of Italy, such as Giuditta Bellerio Sidoli – a supporter of Giuseppe Mazzini and one of the founders of the newspaper La Giovine Italia – and Rose Montmasson, the only woman to take part in Garibaldi's expedition of the Thousand. At the same time it brings out of the shadows the figures of the female brigands, who joined the revolts against the House of Savoy in the regions previously under Bourbon rule.

WHEN: Friday, November 26
TIME: 11 a.m.
WHERE: Vittoriano
MEETING POINT: Vittoriano entrance, Ara Coeli side

Information and reservations

This tour costs 5 euros. The cost of the visit is in addition to the admission charge to VIVE.

Up to 18 years old admission is free and between 18 and 25 years costs only 3 euros*.

To take part in the tour, book and buy your ticket at least 2 days in advance by clicking here.

Please arrive at the meeting point 15 minutes before the start of your visit at the meeting point.

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* From June 15 to December 15, under Decree Law No. 61 of June 1, 2023, the cost of the entrance ticket to the VIVE - Vittoriano and Palazzo Venezia is increased by 1 euro. The measure is aimed at financing interventions for the protection and reconstruction of cultural heritage damaged by the floods that occurred in May in Emilia Romagna, Tuscany and Marche.