Animated tours for adults and children from 15 to 30 January 2022

Guided tours on weekends continue until January 30th

Rome, 01/14/2022


On weekends in January, VIVE offers an educational proposal studied specifically for families with kids, with the aim of sharing new views on the city and its monuments through an original and exciting narration. The already existing tours will be further enriched by two new itineraries: “The eight wonders of Palazzo Venezia” and “Red shirts and horsehair tails”. Also, the guided tours will be repeated: “VIVE in a map”, “Postcards from Palazzo Venezia”, “The art and architecture of the Vittoriano over the years”.

Throughout the month of January, every Saturday afternoon and every Sunday, the program of guided tours, suitable for the public of all ages, continues. There are 6 already existing guided tours, available in Italian and in English, that let the visitors discover lesser-known aspects of the Vittoriano and Palazzo Venezia, which are: “One palace, one hundred stories”, “Facts and curiosities of Palazzo Venezia”; “Palazzo Venezia: art and architecture from the fifteenth to the twentieth century”, “Sculptors and sculptures of the Vittoriano. Rome in between Classicism and Liberty, art and propaganda”, “The Vittoriano: symbols and meanings of the Italian national monument”; “One for all: the Unknown Soldier”, “The Central Museum of the Risorgimento”.