After Craxi and Mani Pulite have we really seen a second Republic?

SERIES: From Rome to the rest of the world. Tales from a past that lives on - Under the aegis of Francesco Benigno, professor of Modern History, Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa 
SPEAKERSimona Colarizi
DATEThursday 30 March, 6 pm 
PLACE: Palazzo Venezia, Sala del Refettorio

For two years right- and left-wing forces “bombarded the Winter Palace”, attacking its principal politicians, and Bettino Craxi most of all, until it collapsed in 1994 in the widespread conviction that a beautiful new building would rise from the rubble. One without the previous cracks, inhabited by an uncorrupt, morally sound and politically capable political class that could, at last, give Italy a solid and lasting government. In the 30 years since the collapse of the party system, however, populism and antipolitics have produced crises in the delegations and weak executives which have twice been placed in the hands of technical experts. What is this "Second Republic"?


Simona Colarizi is a professor emeritus of Contemporary History at the "Sapienza" Università di Roma. She is a member of the Luiss School of Government and on the board of trustees of the Fondazione Gramsci. Her most recent publications include Storia del Novecento italiano (Rizzoli, 2000), Storia politica della Repubblica 1943-2006 (Laterza, 2007), Novecento d’Europa (Laterza, 2015), Un paese in movimento. L’Italia negli anni Sessanta e Settanta, (Laterza, 2019) and Passatopresente. Alle origini dell’oggi 1989-1994 (Laterza, 2022).